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Adoption as an Inspiration for Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training

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Adoption as a Divine Inspiration


A thought to adopt came to me as a Divine Inspiration during a spiritual concert. In the midst of my meditation while contemplating celestial sounds (floating in between the 6th and 7th chakra ;) ) vibrating no thoughts, just energies of an enlightened nature; a clear, undisturbed Knowledge formed giving me an instruction rather than a message that now IS the time to adopt and I ought to take an action.


On the 8th of February is our little family Big 8th Birthday. <3 Remembering My Adoption Story.and Experiencing Adoption as Divine Inspiration. For me this was an amazingly inspiring journey.towards Self and Conscious Parenting.


Conscious Parenting Mothering Mindfulness Training by Nuit

Source: http://artof4elements.com/entry/171/conscious-parenting-my-adoption-journey