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interesting interview Nuit.

BuzzFeed Interview with Nuit about Conscious Living, Mindfulness and Mindful Eating Book

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Reblogged from Alchemy of Love Mindfulness by Nuit:

BuzzFeed Interview with Natasa Pantovic Nuit


While sitting and awaiting Nuit at the dawn of this wintry day, mid March, a ginger cat jumped onto my lap purring for attention. A lucky one really, doesn’t need to worry about what to eat and how. We on the other hand spend endless hours thinking and talking about healthy food, conscious diets, the alternatives to junk we continuously chose to digest.


Nuit approached our table slowly giving me enough time to have a closer look at this lovely lady. This woman with bluish green eyes and long brown hair slightly whitening at the front has stopped her age clock at around 40 knows what she says and does. In fact she is a very conscious woman, her words are perfectly measured, wise and her whole appearance is very meditative.


Interview with Nuit about Mindfulness Training, Mindful Eating Book, mindful eating quote


Author of 7 books all dealing with conscious living, mindfulness, alchemy of soul, Nuit will talk to me about her book on nutrition called Mindful Eating.


How often do you think one can eat junk food? I asked.


‘The treats are part of the beauty of life. It is the indulgence that creates problems. Our busy life-styles take us into the hands of fast food chains, processed foods manufacturers, and we somehow forget that the easiest and healthiest food is the one from our gardens, raw unprocessed fruit and veggies. I’ve been a vegetarian for the last 30 years and I am still passionate about the consciousness of this choice. It’s a life-style diet that pays respect to our Mother Gaia and her resources.’


It’s a life-style of a yogi living in an urban area not in a cave. I suspect your life-style does not include drinking alcohol, indulging in sweets and soft drinks I asked. She giggles.


‘If you wish for a treat make yourself daily a good cup of coffee preferably organic and fair trade, add some spices to it, experiment, enjoy a bar of dark chocolate and indulge in wonders of herbal teas, green teas, coconut water, instead of going for fizzy sugary drinks.’


Let’s face it: if we are to choose from a carrot salad and chicken nuggets with some Coke many will still unfortunately for their well-being chose the latter. The unconscious part of our minds is still much greedier than our wish to stay healthy and fit until our old age.

‘It is our unconscious eating that could become a problem, all the poisons that we put into our bodies. Choose your diet consciously, enjoy all you do and go back to the wonders of mindfulness daily.’


‘I have designed and published the Alchemy of love mindfulness training books with a team of very inspiring experts all in love with life and mindful living.’ ‘Do not get obsessed with food, get obsessed with wonders of life. It is possible to live life happily and healthily. It is mindfulness and love that you want to fall in love with and the spiritual journey itself.’


Two books that we have in front of us are about vegetarianism, with tips on nutrition and healthy recipes: A Guide to Mindful Eating with 45 Veggie Recipes and Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes. One focuses on the raw food recipes, the other one has a selection of healthy vegetarian dishes.


‘The recipes are there to inspire the readers’ choice of a daily menu, but the books main subject is mindfulness and bringing consciousness into the world of eating. The readers are encouraged to explore different questionnaires, mindfulness exercises and transformation tools while on the journey of experimenting with their diet.’


Share with us your favorite healthy breakfast recipe, I asked.


‘It is a mixture of brown rice and millet cooked in a macrobiotic way (very slowly). When the rice is cooked add to it your preferred mix of pre-soaked nuts, seeds and dried fruit, your mix of spices, your choice of fruits, some ginger, some coconut. The healthiest mix you could have for a breakfast. Lots of raw included and very delicious.’


So let me put some of my learning into an action. Apologies to all the meat or fast food industry, processed or canned foods, sweets and additives manufacturers, alcohol and fizzy drinks producers, I am gone try a month of visiting just my local grosser, buying and cooking only local, organic veggies and fruit. I feel inspired to do this experiment. Even if I do not succeed to change my ways I still think we should all re-learn what to put into our sometimes rather greedy tummies.


Book can be purchased at Amazon, or viewed on Booklikes

The publisher's website is: Artof4Elements

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/mariojohns/nataaa-pantovia-nuit-talks-to-buzzfeed-28kij